This document contains the terms upon which we do business with you including privacy and legal terms, in particular but not limited to terms of access and service.


Your agreement is with Vortex Centrum Limited, a UK Corporation (VCL). (refered to as "we" or "us" as the context requires).

You are referred to as “you” and you are the person whose details are provided in the registration form.  


This agreement applies to individual (i.e. not corporate) clients.


VCL is subject to the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations introduced by the European Union and adopted into UK law. 

We collect all or some of the following information for administrative purposes:

1. Your name which includes a designation chosen from a pick list of Mr., Mrs, Miss. This is for addressing purposes and identification within the education and training platform

2. Your name as you wish it to appear on your certificates which, at your option may include other qualifications (i.e. letters after your name). This is used

3. Your country and postcode. This is used in validation for your certificates and for calculating tax on invoices.

4. Your date of birth. This is used in validation for your certificates

5. Your e-mail address. This is so we can communicate with you.

6. A record of the courses to which you subscribe, your progress through the courses and the results thereof.

7. A record of when you access courses and log onto the site. 

The information collected for administrative purposes cannot be changed. If your personal information changes - for example because you move to another country or change your name, you are required to create a new account. This is so that there is a clear and auditable record of your achievements.

We do not record your personal address, telephone number, company or any information other than that listed above in the training platform.

We retain the information for as long as you hold an account with us. 

You may inspect the information we hold at any time by accessing your account. You do not need to make a formal request for information because it is available to you in your personal dashboard.

You may access your account and delete your information at any time. If you do, then all your records, including your certificates, will be lost. 

If you do delete your information, it will immediately be removed from the active system. However, it will remain in our backups. Our back-ups are cyclical and each back-up is destroyed in that cycle. It is usually less than six months from the date that the backup was created.

Location of Data

For all of our websites data is held exclusively in the UK, subject to the following exceptions:

1. Data for all of our websites is accessed remotely including from outside the UK by our staff. It is not stored remotely. 

2. In relation to the training platform at , all data is held by our platform provider in Canada. 

3. Our payment processors are:

a) Stripe, a US corporation, for individual purchases

b)  Shopify, a Canadian corporation, for corporate (group) purchases.

We do not at any time receive any of your payment card details. 

Invoices are issued from the relevant platform on our behalf. 

We receive a copy of that invoice which will include your contact information. The identifier which correlates your payment with your order for a course is your e-mail address. 

Fraudulent and fake accounts

If we at any time suspect that an account has been opened using false information, we reserve the right, in our absolute discretion, to suspend or cancel the account without warning or compensation.  

If your account is suspended or cancelled you will not be entitled to any refund in respect of any course purchased. Any certificates issued will be marked in our records as cancelled. 


We do not place any tracking cookies or third-party cookies on your computer. 

We do place cookies that record

1. the date upon which you most recently accessed the platform

2. the most recent page that you visited in each course.

If any of our pages include advertising by third parties, they may place cookies of a nature and type over which we have no control. However, you may block third party cookies in your browser or via the cookie control bar which pops up when you first arrive at this website. We would urge you not to block advertising from Amazon group websites because we use those to recommend further reading. 

The only advertisements that we place on this website are:

1. Amazon group

2. Adverts for our own Group services, including information services. In this case, the advertisements do not place cookies on your PC although if you visit the advertised services cookies, under the terms of that site, will be placed. 

3. Advertisements for sponsors or contributors to courses.

With that in mind, we would urge you to disable your adblocker for this site. 


Most courses include a course certificate which you may save to your computer or print. You will be given, by e-mail, a dedicated link to access your certificate in future. This link is extremely important because it is how your certificate may be verified if  you were to include your achievement in your curriculum vitae or for regulatory purposes.

Certificates are not awarded for awareness or general interest courses: our certificates demonstrate that you have achieved a certain level of knowledge and understanding.

Certificates have an expiry date. Depending on the course, that expiry date may be six or twelve months from the award of the certificate.

Duration of courses

Some courses take only a few minutes and others take several hours. 

In some cases, your access to a course lasts for a certain number of days or until you have completed the course, whichever comes first.


All content on this website is in English English.


Your access account is personal to you. Each course subscription is personal to you. It is not permitted to share logins, accounts or course access. If you allow anyone else to access your account, including to read the course for their own purposes or to take the test for you, we reserve the right to delete the account and all training records including certificates and you will forfeit your fees. You will not be permitted to create another account.

Nothing in any course is intended to be or shall be regarded as legal advice. The subject matters are complex and their effect varies depending on who is taking the course and when and where. Of necessity, all courses are of general application. VCL will not, in any circumstances be liable for any loss or damage arising out of reliance on anything in any course. All persons are cautioned to take advice on their specific circumstances from a competent professional. 

Commercial rights, intellectual property and unauthorised access to a computer.

All courses on this website are the valuable commercial information of the publisher, Vortex Centrum Limited and are subject to strong protections. In particular, this means that, in the specific context of our material, there is no exception for "fair use" which does not apply to commercial information. It is both illegal and unlawful to breach the prohibition, below, on unauthorised use.

In addition, all courses are copyright Vortex Centrum Limited as at their date of publication. Such copyright lasts for many years and there are strong penalties for breach of copyright. A claim for "fair use" under copyright will not provide a defence to any action in under the head of commercial information.

Your access to this website and to the information contained herein is authorised for the express and sole personal use of the account holder for the purpose of following a course of study and obtaining the appropriate certificate. Any person who accesses the website with the intention of breaking the prohibition below or for any purpose other than that authorised in this paragraph or who remains on the website intending to breach or actually breaching the prohibition is not authorised and therefore commits the offence of unauthorised access to a computer system.

It is illegal to copy for any purpose in any way whatsoever, including printing, copy and pasting, taking a screenshot, using screen or audio recording or saving to any computer or other device any or part of any content. It is illegal to store any part of this website in any form of storage or retrieval system. 

It is illegal to incorporate any part of any course on this site within any printed or electronic document or to incorporate any part of any course into any education or training product or service whether for profit or for private or corporate distribution. For the avoidance of doubt such prohibition includes reading it aloud. It is illegal to replicate any or all of the questions in any test.

Third party contributions / content

Where a third party contributes to any course, that third party's rights are determined between the contributor and Vortex Centrum Limited. Such rights may be enforceable by either or both of the contributor or Vortex Centrum Limited.

Where content is taken from public domain sources e.g. government documents not subject to bars on reproduction the rights in that content remain with the originator. However, the manner of incorporation and any analysis of or commentary on such material is subject to the intellectual property terms applicable to this site.

Distance Selling Directive and related legislation

The Distance Selling Directive does not apply to software for which the packaging has been opened and certain other products including any content in a digital download or electronic format. 

Notwithstanding that general provision, and by way of concession, if you have booked and paid for a course but have not entered the course beyond the title page, we will allow you to cancel your registration and effect a refund. If you have gone beyond the title page, no refund will be made.

These terms may be amended from time to time. If they are amended, you will be notified by e-mail. The relevant form of terms will be those applicable at the time you sign up for a course.

This website and the courses within it are published by Vortex Centrum Limited, a UK corporation, of Registered Office 25 Oakside Lane, Horley, Surrey, RN6 9XS.  Communication with the publishers should be directed via the enquiry form here 

This agreement is subject to the law of England and Wales. In the event of dispute, the parties agree to the sole and exclusive determination by binding conciliation or arbitration in London, England. If the parties cannot agree on the appointment of a conciliator, then the dispute shall be referred for arbitration. If the parties cannot agree on the appointment of an arbitrator, the parties shall apply to the President of the Institute of Arbitrators to appoint one. 

If, notwithstanding that it is agreed in these terms that no liability shall attach to the publisher as a result of reliance on any course in this website, any award or damages is made, it shall be absolutely limited to a maximum of the price you paid for the course.

It is required by UK consumer law that we provide you with these terms in a durable medium.  There is a copy of these terms available in pdf  format for download from the following address:

It is strongly recommended that you print a copy and keep it somewhere safe. 

This document is correct as at 10 June 2020. 

--END --