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Quick To Learn More money laundering terrorist financing training - jurisdiction

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Before taking this module, you must take the module "Key Concepts: money laundering and terrorist financing.

This module is extensively dependent on the lessons in that course. 

Also, your training will not be complete unless you have completed Key Concepts and passed the examination in addition to this module. 

Quick to Learn More was established in 2002 to provide a unique level of training for front-line staff up to senior managers.

We pioneered a tri-module approach which facilitates both flexibility and targeted additional training without duplication.

We retired our original platform in 2018 while preparing for total relaunch.

Delayed by the coronavirus pandemic and unrelated factors, Quick is to be relaunched in Q1 2021.

 In the meantime, we have launched a series of "senior" courses for compliance officers, managers and directors.

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Learning Ladder (TM) points / Certification Credits: 25.

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Course certificate validity: one year from the date of completion of the test.

Portable CPD (TM) (where recognised) 2 hours.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Caveat and Legal

    • 1.2 Status of this module

    • 1.3 Pre-requisite

  2. 2
    • Singapore: information

  3. 3
    • About this chapter

    • Relevant criminal conduct for money laundering purposes (predicate crimes)

    • Singapore laws, etc. with money laundering and terrorist financing provisions.

    • Outline of offences

    • Special meaning of ordinary words

    • Definition of money laundering

    • The basic tools of laundering

    • A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

    • Why "reasonable cause to believe" creates a risk for you.

    • Laundering the proceeds of one's own crime

    • Example of concealing

    • Example of disguising

    • Example of "converting"

    • Example of "removing from the jurisdiction"

    • Laundering the proceeds of someone else's crime

    • The offence of acquiring benefits of criminal conduct

    • The offence of assisting in an arrangement to retain benefits.

    • Examples of "being involved in an arrangement".

    • Defence and mitigation

    • Reports of Suspicions (disclosures)

    • Property placed at a person's disposal

    • The offence of tipping off

    • Failing to make a suspicious transaction report

    • Protection of persons making reports

    • False reporting of suspicions

    • Why do I not hear anything further when I make a report?

    • Laundering foreign money: a special problem

    • Retrospection.

    • "I think we have money from an old offence."

    • No problem - the only money we got was our fees."

    • Offences by bodies corporate

    • Production orders (ss30-33)

    • Power of search and seizure (ss34-35)

    • CDSA Obligations on regulated businesses.

  4. 4
    • Definitions (excluding that of "terrorism")

    • Definition of terrorism

  5. 5
    • The funding of Future Crime

  6. 6
    • About Notices, Regulations and Guidelines

    • MAS Notices re Money Laundering, etc

    • Underlying princples

    • Assessing risk and applying a risk-based approach.

    • New products, practices and technologies

    • Risk assessing prospective and current customers -1

    • Risk assessing prospective and current customers -2

    • Identification of the applicant for business

    • Monitoring customers and accounts

    • Non-Face to Face Business

  7. 7
    • Examination: Quick Jurisdiction - Singapore