Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Superficially new, it's not.
Apparently simple, it isn't.

About this course

Superficially, the financial crime risk of non-fungible tokens is straightforward and that is how the subject is often presented. It’s said to be about money laundering and terrorist financing risk in an unregulated market in which vast amounts of money are paid, in fiat or crypto-currency, for something intangible. 

And there is nothing wrong in that description.

But it is superficial; it is incomplete. It needs more. A lot more.

Here's more. A lot more.

In reality, there is nothing new – indeed, the basics are decades old. Yet this course does something new: it explains that history and sets the current trend in context.

Also, there is a significant amount to add. This course does that, too.

On completion of a short examination, you collect a certificate, CPD hours (where recognised).

Even more importantly,  you gain a level of understanding that you will not read in the mass of reports and articles that focus on the money and gain a perspective that will greatly aid you in improving your risk based assessments of those you deal with and their transactions – and even of certain over-the-horizon product development for a wide range of financial services businesses and those advising on such developments. 

You will also find out why non-fungible tokens are of particular interest in the arts and why, provided their value is not tarnished, they are here to stay.

Language: English

First published March 2021

Status: Essentials for all levels

Time investment: two hours

Access: 12 months

Certificate: yes

Certificate validity: 12 months

Examination: yes

Portable CPD (tm) Yes, where recognised

CPD hours: Two hours

Price: includes UK VAT as appropriate

Payment Gateway: Stripe


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    • 1.1 Caveat and Legal

    • 1.2 Status of this Course

    • 1.3 Pre-requisite

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    • 4.1

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  5. 5
    • 5.1 Who's problem is it anyway?

    • 5.2 Replicants.

  6. 6
    • About non-examinable content

    • So, what's this blockchain thingy? Introduction

    • So, what's this blockchain thingy? - part 1 "That's how the internet works. It's also how blockchains work."

    • So, what's this blockchain thingy? - part 2 Blockchains are not only for currencies.

    • So, what's this blockchain thingy? - part 3: Tokens, anonymity, blockchain outside currencies and more...

    • So, what's this blockchain thingy? - part 4 How up to date is a blockchain? How secure is a blockchain? A blockchain does not make new things happen.

    • So, what's this blockchain thingy? - part 5 Interacting with a blockchain

    • So, what's this blockchain thingy? - part 6 Outstanding Risks including organised crime and terrorist financing

    • So, what's this blockchain thingy? - part 7 Regulation, Policing and Impact on the conventional sector

    • So, what's this blockchain thingy? - part 8 Conclusions

  7. 7
    • About your examination

    • Essentials: Non Fungible Tokens and the associated financial crime risk.