How Money Launderers, etc. use

Consumer Credit

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How Money Launderers etc. use (Quick To Learn More)

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    About this course

    • Caveat and Legal

    • 1.2 Status of this module

    • 1.3 Pre-requisite

  • 2

    General Statement

    • This single statement guides everything you need to know.

    • The grand illusion

  • 3

    General risks to banks providing services to third party service providers.

    • The separation of risk from risk assessment.

  • 4

    Credit cards and Prepaid ("gift") cards

    • 2.1 Risks to credit card companies.

    • 2.2 Prepaid ("gift") Cards.

    • 2.3 Online games and tokens.

  • 5

    3. Overdrafts

    • Overdrafts

  • 6

    4 Mortages, etc.

    • Mortgage (loans secured on premises) lending

  • 7

    5 Buy Now, Pay Later

    • Buy Now, Pay Later

  • 8

    6 Payday Loans

    • Payday Loans

  • 9

    7 Cheque cashing services

    • Cheque cashing services

  • 10

    8 Hire purchase

    • Hire Purchase

  • 11

    9 Consumer asset leases

    • Consumer asset leases

  • 12

    10 Short term lenders

    • Short term lenders

  • 13

    11 Non-bank loan companies

    • Non-bank loan companies

  • 14

    12 Unlicensed lenders

    • Unlicensed lenders

  • 15


    • About examination

    • Examination: How money launderers, etc. use Consumer Credit Companies.