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This course was published as a charged-for course in April 2020. It was withdrawn in late May.  In November 2020, it was released as a free-of-charge course for general reading. It has not been updated.

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UPDATED 5 May 2020 - added 3.8 Money laundering, etc. compliance risks after lockdown

UPDATED 4 May 2020 - Added new pages including post-lockdown issues and post-lockdown will increase human trafficking. Several pages updated.

UPDATED 17 April 2020 - Added new page 3.9

UPDATED 15 April 2020

This course focuses on the financial crime risk and compliance aspects of the provision of financial services in a time of global crisis with specific reference to CoVid-19 (2020) and with notes for preparation for post lockdown action.

This is a senior course for managers, directors and owners of businesses. 

Although there is a focus on financial services, there is much of value for other sectors. 

This course does not provide answers: to pretend to do so in a single short course would be misleading.  It would also be impossible across the entire range of relevant businesses. 

The course asks questions to which answers must be sought. It is a guide not to solutions but to identifying problems that are both present during lockdowns when staff are working from home and preparation for the time after lockdown when business premises are reopened, staff return to the office and business operations return to something at least resembling what was normal in early 2020. 

Going into lockdown and sending staff to work from home was the work of hours. Conducting business in the meantime is challenging. Returning to work as we all knew it only a few weeks ago is going to be very difficult. 

The course also includes brief notes on non-financial crime areas that businesses should pay attention to during lockdowns and as staff return to work.

The course also includes notes and comments on notices issued by regulators and other bodies.

Course level: Senior

Language: English

Test: No

Course award Certificate: Yes

Access to course: unlimited for 6 months; auto-termination at 6 months.

Return to previous pages: Yes

Course certificate validity: one year from the date of completion of the course

Portable CPD (TM) hours (where recognised): 4 hours

Certification credits: 15

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Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Caveat and Legal

    • Status of this course

    • Pre-requisite

    • Course information

  2. 2
    • 1.1 In this chapter

    • 1.2 What is CoVid-19?

    • 1.3 Protecting staff and customers against transmission

    • 1.4 Approaches to prevention of epidemic / pandemic.

    • 1.5 Testing for CoVid-19 (updated 15 April 2020)

    • 1.6 Comparing infection and mortality rates (updated 4 May 2020)

    • 1.7 Personal Protective Equipment

    • 1.8 Prevention and Treatment - Drugs

    • 1.9 Legal liability to staff and visitors

    • 1.10 Introducing new policies and procedures and documenting them.

    • 1.11 Mass movements after lockdowns are lifted

  3. 3
    • 2.1 In this chapter

    • 2.2 Legal obligations to staff working from home.

    • 2.3 Post lockdown issues [added 4 May 2020]

    • 2.4 Post lockdown will increase human trafficking (added 4 May 2020)

  4. 4
    • 3.1 In this chapter

    • 3.2 Contact with customers - case studies - Malaysia Airlines and British Foreign Office

    • 3.3 Contact with customers - the financial crime risks of bad service

    • 3.5 Page left blank.

    • 3.6 KYC in times of lockdown or restricted personal movements

    • 3.7 Money Laundering, etc. compliance risks during lockdown

    • 3.8 Money laundering, etc. compliance risks after lockdown (added 5 May 2020)

    • 3.9 Reconcile this

    • 3.10 American bankers are revolting

  5. 5
    • 4.1 In this chapter

    • 4.2 Probable frauds

    • 4.3 Examples of fraudulent or otherwise illegal or unlawful products offered for sale (updated 15 April 2020)

    • 4.4 Frauds - sales of personal protective equipment (updated 15 April 2020)

    • 4.5 Supply chain concerns (added 20 April 2020)

  6. 6
    • 5.1 About this chapter

    • 5.2 Hong Kong Monetary Authority

    • 5.2 UK - The Financial Conduct Authority and The Prudential Regulation Authority (Bank of England) - Senior Managers and Certification Regime

    • 5.3 UK - The Financial Conduct Authority - "Clients' Assets" in the current CoVid-19 crisis

    • 5.4 The Financial Action Task Force - statement - "COVID-19 and measures to combat illicit financing "

  7. 7
    • 6.1 About this chapter

    • 6.2 Notes on SARS for comparison with CoVid-19

    • 6.3 "Brexit"

    • 6.4 Enhanced financial and other crime risk

  8. 8
    • 7.1 About this test