About this course

This BASICS course is to introduce the concepts and language used in financial crime risk management and compliance. It will take you about 25 minutes to complete plus five minutes for the test after which, if you achieve the pass rate of 80%, you will be able to save and/print a certificate. 

Applicable country/jurisdiction: Global - this course relates to general principles not the law and regulation in any particular country or jurisdiction.

Language: English

Pass mark: 80%

Certificate: Yes

Access to course: unlimited for six months; auto-termination at six months.

Return to previous pages: Yes

Retake test: Yes.

Certificate validity: one year from the date of the last-taken test

Certificate is verifiable via a web-link and is registered on a blockchain to minimise the risk of tampering.

CPD hours (where recognised): 30 minutes

Price: GBP30 including UK VAT where applicable.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Caveat and Legal

    • Status of this course - Basic

    • Pre-requisite

  • 2

    Course material

    • 1. Defining financial crime

    • 2. The principle financial crimes

    • 3. Fraud

    • 4. Bribery, corruption, plunder

    • 5. Tax crimes

    • 6. Trafficking in people, drugs and contraband

    • 7. Breaking sanctions

    • 8. Extortion, blackmail and kidnapping

    • 17. Defining money

    • 9. Money laundering

    • 10. The Financing of Terrorism

    • 11. The purposes and effect of law and regulation relating to those crimes

    • 12 Origins of law and regulation

    • 13. Near-global co-ordination of laws and regulations

    • 14. Failure of co-ordination

    • 15. Who is affected by laws?

    • 16. Who is affected by Regulations?

    • 17. Suspicion-based reporting

    • 18. Cash / Currency Transaction Reporting

    • 19. Tipping off

    • 20. KYC

    • 21. Summary : Financial Crime Basics - non-jurisdictional

  • 3

    FInancial Crime Basics. Jurisdiction: non-specific - Test

    • FInancial Crime Basics. Jurisdiction: non-specific - Test