How Money Launderers use Investment and Merchant banks and Asset Managers.

Just because the money's in a bank doesn't mean it's safe.


About this course.

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Pre-existing subject knowledge required: none

Portable CPD (TM) hours (where recognised): 4 hours

Test: yes

Certificate: yes

Subscription expires: one year

Age limit: 16 plus

Price: includes UK VAT where applicable

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Level: FrontLiners

FrontLiners' courses are designed to meet the regulatory training requirement for financial crime risk and compliance  for

- front line staff;
- non-customer facing staff who may nevertheless come into possession of information

FrontLiners' Courses are suitable as a starting point for managers, directors, owners or compliance / risk / internal audit staff who should build on this to achieve greater knowledge.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Caveat and Legal

    • Status of this course

    • Pre-requisite

  2. 2
    • About this Module

    • Why merchant and investment banking and asset management have similar money laundering and terrorist financing issues

    • The Core Risk - Idenfication of Parties

    • KYC/CDD on corporate customers

    • Risks relating to Trusts.

    • Merchant banking, investment banking and asset managers - the myth

    • "All the money we get comes from another bank"

    • "Where did the money come from and where did it go?"

    • My counter-party is a bank or other registered/ regulated entity. No problem, right?

    • What if my counter-party bank says the money's OK?

    • Does this mean I have to know foreign law as well?

    • "I know that the deal price is x but think that there is some under-the-table money"

    • Multi-account sourcing

    • How you might be regarded under the law

    • More Side Letter Deals.

    • Misstating company assets.

    • Overstated assets as a basis of a financing fraud.

    • Misleading auditors

    • Payments being made by the seller to the purchaser or to his order.

    • Regarding side letters as suspicious

    • What are the primary risk areas?

    • Caution with regard to other regulatory systems

    • Dealing with governments

    • KYC and KYB when dealing with governments

    • Merchant, investment banks and asset managers have special problems in customer identification.

    • Risk Areas for Asset Management, Merchant and Investment Banking

    • Reasons to be fearful

    • Can I assess risk at the time of opening an account?

    • Risks in share offers.

    • Risks in Venture Capital

    • Risks for Registrar

    • Offers at maximum price

    • Risks relating to shares purchased on public offering.

    • Investment funds as customers

    • Risks in project financing

    • Letters of Credit - risk profile

    • A reason to read documents carefully

  3. 3
    • Sit back, and get ready for a cup of coffee.

    • Examination: Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing- Merchant and Investment Banks and Asset Managers